ESCO, a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of tire changing tools and accessories is pleased to announce the release of a new series of U-Joint Pullers and Specialty Commercial Truck Tools & Accessories.

Starting with the New ESCO Pro Series U-Joint Pullers, these units were specifically designed for automotive, medium- and heavy-duty professional applications, ESCO U-Joint Pullers are the best solution when faced with stubborn, seized u-joints.

Cast out of high-quality heavy-duty steel, ESCO U-Joint Pullers are manufactured to withstand rigorous daily use and deliver an efficient and accurate application. Purposefully designed to eliminate the use of dangerous, damage-causing vice and socket or hammering methods, the new U-Joint Pullers provide a safer solution while assisting in the damage prevention of joints, bearing caps, yokes, or driveshafts. Engineered to be used with a ½ inch and up to 1 inch impact wrench or ratchet, U-Joint Pullers are a simple, effective tool, built for easy use.

“High volume vehicle service shops will encounter seized u-joints often enough for these tools to pay for themselves,” commented ESCO president Steve Dyer. “Our new series of U-Joint Pullers will be a major time and effort savings for technicians.”

Designed for use on bearing cups with diameters ranging from 1.25 in. to 1.75 in. U-Joint Pullers are available in three sizes; Automotive U-Joint Puller (Model 40302) is recommended for automotive application, Intermediate Medium-Duty U-Joint Puller (Model 40301) is recommended for class 3-5 trucks and equipment, and the largest, Heavy-Duty U-Joint Puller (Model 40300) is recommended for class 6-8 transportation trucks and equipment.

In addition to the new ESCO U-Joint Pullers, ESCO has also announced several new specialty commercial truck tools & accessories ranging from Leaf Spring Pin Sockets (MODEL 40309), Mack King Sockets (Model 40310), Pitman Arm Pullers (Model 40311), and more (coming soon) all designed to be used for special applications/service in the commercial truck market. These newly launched specialty tools & accessories are designed to provide solutions for shops and technicians, increasing productivity, safety, and speed of service. All of these and more are now available through an authorized ESCO dealer.

For any questions regarding the new ESCO U-Joint Pullers, the new line of Specialty Commercial Truck Tools & Accessories, or any other products available from ESCO, please contact an ESCO Sales or Customer Service Representative at Toll-Free 1-800-352-9852 or directly at 352-754-1117. For more information visit or email


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