Brooksville, FL, August 11, 2020 – ESCO, a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of tire changing tools and accessories is pleased to introduce the HD Stud Kleen, a stud and wheel surface cleaner specifically designed for medium and heavy-duty truck applications. The new HD Stud Kleen cleans the wheel and hub mating surface and studs, allowing accurate torque, preventing potential vibrations, and seized rims.


Accommodating medium up to heavy-duty truck stud sizes 3/4” and 22mm, the HD Stud Kleen is the new, complete all-in-one hub and stud cleaning solution. Specifically designed to fit over the stud on a truck hub, the HD Stud Kleen cleans corrosion and rust from the mating surface, reducing wheel-off incidents caused by torque complications. Compatible with ½” air impacts, the HD Stud Kleen is an easy go-to shop accessory for tires being demounted and serviced.

“After successfully launching the original Stud Kleen for passenger vehicles in 2019, we quickly realized a need in the industry for a similar type product in the truck market,” commented ESCO president Steve Dyer, “the HD Stud Kleen is a powerful air tool accessory far more efficient and effective than a wire brush or grinder.”


The HD Stud Kleen’s durable cleaning pads are constructed from a dense abrasive material, specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. With the ability to clean up to 200 hubs using a single unit, the HD Stud Kleen performs better than competing products on the market 40-1. Units are sold individually and proudly made in the USA.


For any further questions regarding the new HD Stud Kleen or any other products available from ESCO please contact an ESCO Sales or Customer Service Representative at Toll-Free 1-800-352-9852 or Directly at 352-754-1117. For more information about the HD Stud Kleen visit or email


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