Brooksville, FL, March 12, 2020 – ESCO, a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of tire changing tools and accessories is pleased to announce the launch of two new products to regulate air pressure for air tools and air-hydraulic-powered pumps. Engineered with two preset PSI values, the new Air Pressure Reducers are specifically designed to assist in lengthening the life of tools and equipment, adhering to manufacturers’ recommended operating air pressure and promoting safe and accurate use.

New Air Pressure Reducers by ESCO
Most air tools typically operate at 90 PSI while most air-hydraulic pumps run at 110 PSI. Air Pressure Reducers provide a solution to the damaging effects of over-pressurized pneumatic tools. The risk of operating over-pressurized equipment can range from blown seals and bearing failure to the complete destruction of an air motor. Repairing or replacing an air-powered or air-hydraulic pump is expensive, as is the additional cost of equipment downtime.

The aluminum housing with antirust and noncorrosive parts is equipped with an internal filter that prevents debris and other particulates from contaminating and clogging the inner mechanism of an air motor. With +/- 10% accuracy, the Air Pressure Reducers provide a steady flow of regulated air to provide accurate operating pressure with every use. Applying an Air Pressure Reducers as an inline assembly to air tools and other equipment promotes safety and lowers the potential risk of common equipment malfunction.

For any further questions regarding the new Air Reducers (Part Number 10609 reduces to 90 PSI and Part Number 10601 reduces to 110 PSI) or any other products available from ESCO please contact an ESCO Sales or Customer Service Representative at Toll-Free 1-800-352-9852 or Directly at 352-754-1117. For more information please visit ESCO on the web at or email

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