ESCO Tyr-X Truck Tire Demount Tool

Model #20396

The Tyr-X Truck Tire Demounting Tool is a safe, quick, and reliable tire demounting tool that makes tire demounting a simple process.

  • The pivot hooks ensure easy and positive operation
  • Its design eliminates aggressive stretching of the tire bead
  • One of the easiest and fastest manual truck tire demounting tool on the market
  • Works on standard truck tires (22.5-24.5) and can be used for the first bead of super singles or double wide truck tires

Weight: 17 lbs. | 8 kg

  1. Curved Design for Positioning Tool - Easy Grabbing of First Bead
  2. The Bearing Pivot Joint Demounts the Second Bead with Ease
  3. Curved Design for Better Leverage When Using Tool

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