Skirt Nut

Model #40125

Stops wheel clocking/hub vibrations and many tire wearing problems. Eliminates wasted fuel caused by rolling resistance “drag”. Meets and exceeds standards of SAE J1965 for torque tension.

  • Replaces ALL style M22 Flange Nuts on Hub-Piloted Wheels
  • Can withstand over 2,500 lbs. of force (50 times more than the standard flange nut)
  • Special Graphite Coating Prevents Nut from Rusting onto Hub
  • Fills in the Gap between the stud and the bolt 3/16” | 5mm


  Also Available:


  1. 3/16" | 5mm
  2. Special Graphite Coating Prevents Nut From Rusting On Hub
  3. Hex: 33 mm

Coming Soon!