Yak 132 2.2 Ton 2 Stage Air Bladder Jack

Model #92011

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  • Pneumatically controlled jacks consisting of a highly resistant diaphragm and internal telescope guide
  • These jacks are fitted with a limit stop device as well as a safety valve making them absolutely reliable in the case of excessive loads
  • Silent, simple and lightweight, they are ideal for tire technicians and bodywork shops in view of the fact they can also be used on column lifts
  • Also available in a trolley version (Model #92012)

Lifting Capacity: 2.2 Ton | 2 Tonne
Working Air Pressure: 116-145 PSI
Net Weight: 31 lbs. | 14 kg

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Made In Europe

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  1. 16.34" 415 mm
  2. 9.84" 250 mm
  3. 5.2-12.83" 132-326 mm
  4. 2.2 Ton 2 Tonne

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