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  1. Put Your Tires on Silent… For Good!

    3 Way to Diagnose and Correct Noisy Tires

    Tires have tendencies to make noise for a variety of reasons while a vehicle is in motion. Common causes for the noisy nuisance of loud tires may include improper inflation, tread wear, and balancing issues. The most effective and affordable solution to noisy tires is preventative service and routine maintenance. Some useful tips to avoid costly repairs down the road and rid your trip of loud tires are using balancing beads, checking for proper inflation, and inspecting tire tread wear.


    Tractor-trailers, RVs, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks are often prone to noisy rides because of tire size and the weight of the vehicle. Tread patterns play an active role in the sound produced by the tire and since most equipment tires will vary in style and brand, diagnosing the cause of noises can be difficult. While in some circumstances this sound is attributed to the road condition, in others the problem lies deeper. 


    Balancing Beads are an affordable and simple solution to tire balancing and can help improve the noise and vibration on tires once installed. Balancing beads should be applied when new tires are being mounted as they will last the full lifetime of the tire. ESCO Balancing Beads can be installed within tires by method of convenient individually packaged bags or by scoop in loose form. Balancing beads also have an added benefit of improving fuel economy and reducing tire vibration, permitting a smoother ride. 

    Checking your tire pressure often will lengthen the life of your tires, provide the best gas mileage and assist in preventing additional noise. On September 1, 2007, the Tread Act was passed by United States Congress which mandated all light-motor vehicles (under 10,000 lbs) to have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) technology. Controversially, no legislation exists for heavier vehicles including RVs, tractor-trailers, cargo vans or other medium and heavy-duty vehicles. To reduce noise from tires, check your tire pressure with an accurate dial or digital gauge before any long trip and while conducting other routine service or maintenance on your vehicle. 

    Digital Tire Inflator

    An excellent habit for drivers of heavier vehicles to develop is conducting routine visual inspections of tread wear on tires. When faced with unusual noise from tires, examining your tires’ tread could lead to a quick diagnosis of uneven wear or damage. Uneven tire tread is often the culprit for noisy tires and is typically linked to improper inflation or inaccurate wheel alignment. Should your vehicle’s tire noise not subside after proper inflation, it’s recommended you visit a local tire service specialist to check for other mechanical issues.

    As costly as new tires and maintenance can be, road calls and downtime make for more expensive and stressful headaches for drivers. When faced with noisy tires the best process to follow is preventative maintenance with balancing solutions like beads or liquids, proper inflation, and frequent visual inspections. For more helpful tips or to check out ESCO’s product line of tire service equipment and inflation tools, visit www.esco.net

  2. “Why choose ESCO Balancing Beads over the Competition?”


    Bead For Bead

    “Why choose ESCO Balancing Beads over the Competition?”

    ESCO understands the old expression, “time is money”, so to eliminate wasteful time in dropping multiple bags into wheels and carrying multiple SKU’s of product. ESCO designed a “BULK” 282 oz. bucket of beads [Model #20466C] for easier use in shop and shipping to customer. As simple as “scooping” from the bucket, ESCO’s bucket of Balancing Beads has become the #1 option for many tire service and fleet operations around the world.  Each bulk bucket of ESCO Balancing Beads comes with a tire size application chart telling you exactly how many scoops are needed.

    ESCO Balancing Beads are Universal and can be used for all tire types including Motorcycle, ATV, Automotive, Truck, Tractor, Trailer and RV tires.

    ESCO Balancing Beads Versus The Competition

    ESCO Balancing Beads are 35% larger than our competitors…therefore no special fitted valve cores are required with ESCO Balancing Beads.  Other competitor beads are much smaller and can block the valve stem causing premature leaking.  Our larger beads also make ESCO Balancing Beads much easier to reuse over and over again…consistent reusable media equals increased profits. BIGGER IS BETTER!

    ESCO Balancing Beads are made of a 100% solid ceramic and are much harder compared to competitive products made of glass. Because competitive products are made of glass, over time they will begin to break down, misshape and leave you with dusty powders or ground glass which will eventually abrade the inner liner… thus rendering them “unusable”. This is a difficult situation because you will then have to replace ALL of the beads inside of the tire because there is no way to tell which are still good and which have been misshaped!  As ceramic is a harder medium, ESCO balancing beads will withstand time and abuse inside the tire. The harder the material, the longer it will maintain its shape and overall effectiveness. Based on the MOHS Scale of Hardness, ESCO Balancing Beads come in at 7.0 versus the competition, 5.5…so why is this important?  A balancing product that is nice and round with a smooth surface can only perform properly if it stays that way over thousands of miles!

    Competitive brands require you to use a special fitted valve core to keep the beads from entering and damaging valve stem, leading to lose of air and potential harm when releasing air from the tires. This means more time and labor are needed to install the special valve core and limits you in valve core options. No fitted or special valve cores are needed with ESCO Balancing Beads!

    2 oz. – 16 oz. Bags

    17.6 lb. Bucket