Universal Impact Driven Demounter

Model #20408

  • Safe, Simple, Fast, Economical, and the Most Universal Tire Demounter on the Market
  • Works as a Hand-Held Tire Machine and shines where other tools fall short
  • Tackles the Hard 19.5 Reverse Hubs and Grader Tires and can be used on ALL Tire sizes from 10” ATV Tires and Up
  • Great for Agricultural Tires, One-Piece Grader, Loader, Forestry and Back Hoe Tires
  • Comes with 1 1/16” Socket

Weight: 21lbs. | 9 kg

  Available Kits:


  1. Patented Designed Bead Grasping Heel
  2. Extension Foot - For Bead Grabbing & Dismounting
  3. 1 1/16” Pneumatic Drive
  4. Leverage Handle to aid in better Positioning of Tool