Hurricane “CAT-5” High-Force 5 Gallon Bead Seater

Model #20387


The Hurricane Bead Seating Tanks are available in three models with ranging tank capacities. All models are equipped with robust air tanks, casted out of aluminum and ASME certified. The Hurricane Bead Seating Tanks are a lightweight hassle-free, simple solution to seat the beads on small ATV up to OTR-sized tires. The Hurricane 5-Gallon Bead Seating Tank (Model #20387) is recommended for small and passenger tire application. The Hurricane 9-Gallon Bead Seating Tank (Model #20388) is recommended for most commercial tire sizes, skid steers and some tractor tires. The 13-Gallon Hurricane Bead Seating Tank (Model #20389)is specifically design for heavy duty truck tire application (22.5 and 24.5) as well as most construction and agricultural tires.

  • Fast, Easy & Powerful Push Button Style Discharge System
  • Ergonomically Designed to support full control of tank while seating tire/wheel
  • “High-Force” Discharge Barrel – Designed for precise maximum air release for best seating of the bead the first time
  • ASME Certified Tank
  • Safety Glasses and ear protection included

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