HD STUD KLEEN – Impact-Driven Hub/Stud/Wheel Cleaner for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks

Model #50172

The ESCO HD STUD KLEEN Hub, Stud, & Wheel Cleaning Tool (Model 50172) is uniquely designed to clean both the Hub & Stud at the same time on medium and heavy-duty trucks with an internal Stainless-Steel Stud Cleaning System. The HD Stud Kleen cleans the wheel and hub mating surface and studs, allowing accurate torque, preventing potential vibrations, and seized rims. Accommodating medium up to heavy-duty truck stud sizes 3/4” and 22mm, the HD Stud Kleen is the new, complete all-in-one hub and stud cleaning solution. Specifically designed to fit over the stud on a truck hub, the HD Stud Kleen cleans corrosion and rust from the mating surface, reducing wheel-off incidents caused by torque complications. Compatible with ½” air impacts, the HD Stud Kleen is an easy go-to shop accessory while tires are being demounted and serviced.

  • All-in-One hub and stud cleaning solution for Medium and HD Truck
  • Will clean up to 15 tractor-trailers (nearly 200 hubs) with one tool and beats out the competition 40- 1
  • Truck size for medium trucks with stud sizes of both 3/4” & 22mm
  • Removes rust, corrosion, and other debris that build up on tire rims, wheel studs, and brake drums with ease
  • Cleaning pads are exceptionally tough and will remove rust and other corrosion with ease – Will Not damage studs or other steel components
  • Abrasive Synthetic Cleaning Pads – Rugged and Heavy-Duty construction longer lasting than other competitive brands
  • No replacement parts necessary – one solid unit 
  • Works off 1/2″ Drive Impact Gun – Air or Electric

Made In USA

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Coming Soon!