Talon Bead Breaker

Model #10109

The ESCO Professional Bead Breaker Series have become a staple in the tire service industry for well over 30 years. ESCO provides a wide range of bead breakers that can handle rim sizes from the smallest to the largest of application.

  • OTR Bead Breaker for heavy duty 3-piece rims with extended flange that have replaced standard 5-piece rims
  • Works on both front and back of wheel without dismounting wheel from vehicle
  • Works on all new 3-piece 25″ wheels or larger
  • A MUST have for all tire trucks

Weight: 30 lbs. | 13 kg

  Rim Applications:


Available Kits:


*Must Register Product to Qualify for 3-Year Warranty Extension.

Safety Warning

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.

  1. Foot/Spade
  2. Wedges
  3. Clamp Assembly
  4. 10 Tons of Bead Breaking Force, 8.25" | 210mm stroke