Specialty Impact Driven Off-Road Demounter

Model #20418

  • Safe, Easy and Fast way to demount the second bead on a wide range of tires with difficult stiff sides.
  • Works Great for Sprinkler and Off-Road Super Single Float Tires.
  • Pulls Wheel Off of the Tire.
  • Built to be used on tough Superwides.
  • 100% Pneumatic Tool – Can be used with Impact Gun
  • Lightweight and build strong to withstand contact use.

Weight: 15 lbs. | 6.8 kg


  1. Extension Foot - For Bead Grabbing & Dismounting
  2. Hook to Grab to Use As Leverage to Pull Rim Out from Tire without Using Force or Labor
  3. 1 1/16" Pneumatic Drive
  4. Maximum Extension Foot - 15" | 381mm
  5. Optional Removable Handle - For Better Positioning and Setting of Tool onto Rim/Tire