Rethread Kit

Model #30100

Today’s complex disc brake, four wheel drive, and front wheel drive vehicles make replacing damaged wheel studs a costly job; This cost must frequently be absorbed. If the rotor becomes bent or warped during stud replacement, then it must be turned; If you turn one rotor, then you must also turn the other one. Damaged studs can be renewed in minutes without removing the caliper, rotor, or stud.

  • A 30-second solution to an hour-long job
  • Solves the problem of removing and replacing damaged wheel studs
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Individual sizes also available

Lifetime Warranty

  1. 7/16"
  2. 1/2"
  3. 9/16"
  4. 5/8"
  5. 12mm - 1.25"
  6. 12mm - 1.5"
  7. 14mm - 1.5"

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!