2 Way Pushing Bar

Model #90200

  • Works form the end of the truck book and is used to depress or push back the bead seat band and flange ring for fast and easy removal of locking ring on OTR/Earthmover 5 piece rims OTR/Earthmover tires
  • Standard unit fits 25″ through 51″ rims
  • Fits all Boom Truck Cranes (some may need slight modification)
  • Meets OSHA requirement and acts as a tire inflation cage when left in position during the inflation of Earthmover tires

Weight: 65 lbs. | 29.5 kg

  1. (2) Inserts For Lever Bar
  2. (2) 12.5" | 317mm Steel Push Teeth
  3. Length: 56" | 1422mm

Coming Soon!