Dual Agricultural Bead Breaker

Model #10106

The ESCO Professional Bead Breaker Series have become a staple in the tire service industry for well over 30 years. ESCO provides a wide range of bead breakers that can handle rim sizes from the smallest to the largest of application.

  • 10 Tons of Bead Breaking force that breaks the inner bead on dual farm tractor tires
  • Requires just 3” of operating space between the dual tractor tires
  • No need to remove the outside wheel to change the tire on the outside dual
  • Use with a 10,000 psi air/hydraulic pump

Weight: 54 lbs. | 25kg

  Rim Applications:


  Available Kits:


*Must Register Product to Qualify for 3-Year Warranty Extension.

Safety Warning

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.

  1. Break inner bead on dual farm tractor tires with force
  2. Wedge to properly insert tool between the inside duals of farm tractors
  3. Bead breaking foot
  4. 10 tons of bead breaking force

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