Air Pressure Reducer With 6″ Whip-Hose For Air/Hydraulic Equipment

Model #10601K

The ESCO Air Pressure Reducer, for Air/Hydraulic Pumps, is designed to regulate the air pressure that is received by the hydraulic pump, which is then used to power all ESCO Hydraulic Tools.

Maintaining air pressure when using Hydraulic Equipment will increase the Proper Functioning of Hydraulic Equipment, Protect Air/Hydraulic Pumps from Over-Flow of Air, & Keep ESCO Hydraulic Products in their PRIME.

  • Maintain a Tools Recommended working Air Pressure 
  • Tamper-proof preset value, 110 PSI
  • Assist in lengthening the life of hydraulic pumps & lifting equipment
  • Promotes safe & accurate application
  • Easy Installation & Usage
  • Can be used in conjunction with multiple ESCO products
  • Model #10601K comes with Air Pressure Reducer (Model #10601) & 6″ Whip-Hose (Model #10601H)

Coming Soon!