Air Pressure Reducer With 6″ Whip-Hose For Air Tools

Model #10609K


Air Pressure Reducers are specifically designed to assist in lengthening the life of tools and equipment, adhering to manufacturers’ recommended operating air pressure and promoting safe and accurate use. Air Pressure Reducers provide a solution to the damaging effects of over-pressurized pneumatic tools and assist in keeping all air tools in their PRIME.

  • Maintain a Tools Recommended working Air Pressure 
  • Tamper-proof preset value, 90 PSI
  • Assist in lengthening the life of air tool
  • Promotes safe & accurate application
  • No Pressure Gauge Needed – Air regulated to recommended pressure every time
  • Easy Installation & Use
  • Within +/- 10% accuracy
  • Can be used in conjunction with multiple ESCO products

Coming Soon!