OTR Tire Spreader

OTR Tire Spreader

Model #90456

The ESCO OTR Tire Spreader [MODEL #90456] is an uniquely designed heavy duty hydraulic spreader for use on off-the-road, mining, agricultural, and larger truck tires; where other spreaders may fail. Ideal for inspections and repairs, the ESCO OTR Tire Spreader is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind and is a must have for any mobile service technician or service center. Also available is the OTR Safety Lockout Bar [MODEL #90456S] used in conjunction with the OTR Tire Spreader to assist in maintaining the separation between the tire, while releasing the hydraulic pressure from the spreader; making for a much “safer” environment for technician to work on tire.

  • Tire Spreader range 6″ to 34″
  • Heavy Duty 10 Ton capacity
  • Ideal for inspection and repairs on Truck/Farm & OTR Tires
  • Portable design
  • Can be used with both air/hydraulic foot or manual pumps

Tire Spreader Range: 6″ – 34″ | 152mm – 864mm
Stroke: 6″ | 152mm
Bar Length: 34″ | 864mm
Weight: 36 lbs. | 16 kg
Available Accessory:

  1. 10 Ton Ram - 6" Stroke
  2. Adjustable Extension Spade
  3. Easy Locking Pin For Placement
  4. Min/Max Extension: 6" - 34" | 152mm - 864mm

Coming Soon!