miniLIFT “Classic”

Model #92050

mini Lift
The “Classic” miniLIFT is designed specifically for compact and versatile lifting in a wide range of vehicle service locations. Build to the highest quality, the ESCO miniLIFT is a must have for any bodyshop, garage, tire-shops, and more.

  • The original system for compact and fast lifting for the automotive market
  • The miniLIFT “Classic” enables you to work at the right height for: Bodyshops, Garages and Tire-shops
  • Small design, you can easily place the lift under the required vehicle and work properly as with any other lift
  • Extremely versatile lift, which allows you to lift any small/large car, vans and SUVs on the market
  • “Classic” miniLIFT includes Set of 2 Ton Jack Stands (Model 92053) and Side Lifting Pad

Capacity: 5,500 lbs. | 2,495 kg
Min. Height: 5.25″ | 133 mm
Max. Height: 21.65″ | 550 mm
Weight: 245 lbs. | 112 kg
Available Accessories:

SUV Adapters [Model 92051]
Rubber Lifting Pads [Model 92052]


*Must Register Product to Qualify for 3-Year Warranty Extension.

  1. Valve with protection, conforming to CE Standards
  2. Top quality air-spring for the highest security built by "Continental"
  3. Large lifting pad with 18.9" (48 cm) length
  4. Additional pad for side lifting
  5. Big direction wheels to roll even on grills and other surfaces

  • miniLIFT "Classic" Lifting System [MODEL 92050]