MAMMUT 50/80 Ton Jack

Model #91003

The Mammut range of jacks offers service professionals a solution that is safe and easy to use, for all those operations to lift earthmoving, construction, quarry, and mining machinery, where maintenance requires professional skills and expertise. All models are air/hydraulic operated and equipped with a dual descent valve for greater control when bearing weight and automatic piston return; they can also be fitted with a manual emergency pump (on request).
For excellent handling during use and transport, every Mammut jack has:

  • Folding handle
  • Wide pneumatic tires
  • Special hooks for transport

Tonnage: 50/80
Working Air Pressure: 120-180 PSI
Weight: 320 lbs. | 145 kg

Made In Europe 1-Year-Warranty_Logo


  Available Accessories:


  1. 33" 838 mm
  2. 24.3" 616 mm
  3. 16.5" 420 mm
  4. 40.9" 1039 mm
  5. 56.7" 1440 mm

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!