22.4″ Stroke – 150 Ton Jumbo Jack

Model #10321

The ESCO Jumbo Jack Series is available in multiple lifting capacities ranging from 100 tons to 250 tons. All models are air/hydraulic powered and are balanced for easy moving. Lift extension saddles are stores in the jacks base for easy adjustment to various lifting heights. Stacking aluminum safety locking ring are an option as in air powered wheel drive for easy moving. All models are built with heavy duty lifting holes. Each Jumbo Jack has a maximum width of 23” and will fit into tight clearance railroads, mines, and construction sites.

  • Ideal for Giant Tire Changing, Mining, Railroads, and Construction Rigging
  • Balanced for easy moving with large pneumatic wheels
  • Minimum 90 to 150 psi air supply needed to power hydraulic pump
  • 50” long, 8 position handle for easy maneuvering
  • All Jumbo Jacks come with 1″ saddle, 5″ & 9″ extensions (Locking Rings Sold Separately)

Lifting Capability: 150 Tons
Lowest Point: 36″ | 914 mm
Stroke: 22.4″ | 569 mm
Weight: 920 lbs. | 417 kg

  Available Accessories:



  1. Extensions Holders For Easy Storage
  2. 8 Position Handle For Easy Maneuvering
  3. Air Controlled Valve
  4. XL Wheels For Easy Moving