ESCO 20 Ton Screw Style Short Jack Stand

Model #10802

Quality Built Professional Screw Style Jack Stand. Screw Style Stand makes it Easy to Hold Load at Desired. Height and Secure with Locking Collar. Adjustable Screw for Height Extension and Retraction. Heavy Duty Design and Application. 20 Ton Capacity Per Stand. Sold Per Stand

Capacity: 20 Tons
Min. Height: 16.6″ | 420 mm
Max. Height: 26.5″ | 673 mm
Weight: 65 lbs. | 29 kg


  1. Swivel Style Jack Stand for Precision Lift Support
  2. Easy to Turn Handle - Allows for Accurate Height Extension
  3. Lifting Handle for Ergonomic Movement of Jack Stands
  4. Wide Base - better Stability & Surface Area for Jack Support

Coming Soon!